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PROMO - FIGHT FOR YOUR DREAMS - SALVATORE CASTRO PROMO Filiera Granarolo - La storia di Guglielmo e Narciso, allevatori di Mantova Granarolo
Fai della tua vita uno spettacolo Promo Accademia della Scala Il suono instabile della libertà Documentario - 54 Min. Spot Granarolo Lunga Durata - 2020 Commercial MAMMANATURA Commercial
Natural Health for Children and Babies
BERNINA GT 2017 _ DIRECTOR'S CUT Documentary / Storytelling Spot Leolandia - Natale 2018 Commercial Kinder Commercial Web Filiera Granarolo - la storia di Francesco, allevatore di Bari Granarolo
FALDO - AUTOTRADE LOGISTICS Corporate Movie The city of light - A psychedelic Story Documentario - 54 Min. True Star - Secure Bag Corporate Movie Work on togboards Filler Discovery Channel Agras Pet Foods Corporate Movie La storia di Giuseppina, allevatrice Granarolo Granarolo
Spot Leolandia - 2019 Spot Leolandia - 2019 Video teaser per il progetto Ursa Award Video teaser per il progetto Ursa Award.
Video Fake dell'azienda Arsu.
Filiera Granarolo - la storia di Paolo e Silvano, allevatori di Padova Granarolo
F.P.T. - Fluid Power Technology Corporate Movie ROSI E LA COLONIA DEL CASTELLO Coop - Mini Documentario Ruwais Solid Sulphur Handling Project Ruwais Solid Sulphur Handling Project

Video di progetto
Filiera Granarolo - la storia di Adonis e Angelo, allevatori di Como Granarolo
Above the mountain Filler Discovery Channel Missione Green con Gaia De Laurentiis
Programma Tv - Mediaset
12 puntate
Filiera Granarolo - la storia di Giovanni a Ravenna Granarolo
Life of a Returnee 01 - Security & Integration Realizzato per il Dänisch Refugee Council
Documentario 24 min.
Life of a Returnee 02 - Infrastructures & Education Realizzato per il Dänisch Refugee Council
Documentario 24 min.
Life of a Returnee 03 - Job Opportunities Realizzato per il Dänisch Refugee Council
Documentario 24 min.
The first experience of a young engineer in the field Techint - Mini Documentario Ortometraggio Documentario Ricette con amici - Ep. 5 - Rincorri la cena Esselunga - Serie Web
N. 9 episodi
Quelli che… Il prossimo appello - TEASER Cepu - La serie web
N. 13 Puntate
Gunther Celli Trick #4 - 360 ATW Esselunga - Lezioni di Trick da Freestyler professionisti
N. 16 Video Trick
Trailer - Quelli che ci riprovano - Cepu Stagione II Cepu - La serie web
N. 6 puntate
Soccer Freestyle show - Intervista a Gunther Intervista Gunther Celli
Serie di interviste a Freestyler professionisti
Così Vicino Regia n. 3 puntate - Web Series UnipolSai


Take a look at life. Say it with humanity and passion.
Give strength, energy, and voice to the stories, even when they’re irrational or incomprehensible.
This has always excited me and I pursue it in every job.

I graduated in scenography at the Accademia di Brera in Milan and in scriptwriting at the Civic Cinema School in Milan.

In 2003, with Michele Lipparini, I directed a documentary titled "Ortometraggio" about the military gardens of Milan; the project won the funding from FILMMAKER.

In 2004, I directed four diverse documentaries on ‘artistic Italian beauty’ for the 4th Solaris Network.

In 2005, with Mauro Colombo, I created and directed a documentary titled “City of Light - A Psychedelic Story.” It traces the history of the psychedelic musical scene in San Francisco from the 1960s to the present.

In 2006, I created and co-directed 2 Discovery Channel documentaries on dangerous jobs.

In the same year, with Gaia Chiti Strigelli and Paolo Cognetti, I completed three documentaries in Somalia on the “Life of a Refugee,” a project funded by the Danish Refugee Council.

In 2010, I did the documentary "The Unstable Sound of Freedom" with Marco Bergamaschi on the largest Italian jazz band: The Italian Unstable Orchestra. It played in the Palestrina Cinema in Milan and in 7 other Italian cinemas.

Since 2011, I have been working with various production houses for corporate and promotional films.

Since 2013, I have directed some web-based videos for clients such as Cepu, Esselunga, Unipol.

In 2016, I directed the "Missione Green" TV program that was hosted by Gaia de Laurentiis, made for Bosch and aired on Mediaset.

Gianpaolo Gelati

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